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{anything} The Windmill [C1]
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anything The Windmill -- [C1]
   (author unknown)

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From various formations.

All or Center 4 do the anything call; Centers Cast Off 3/4 as Outsides 1/4 toward the given direction & Circulate twice. Ends in various formations.

Mix The Windmill In
Centers Mix
as Ends 1/4 In
Centers Cast Off 3/4
as Ends Circulate twice

The Windmill Right
Centers Cast Off 3/4
as Ends 1/4 Right &
(Concentric Diamond) Circulate twice


  • The Cast Off 3/4 can be either an Arm Turn or a 'Push' Cast.
  • direction can be In, Out, Right, Left, or Forward (Outsides As You Are).

Variations: The caller can optionally direct the Ends to Circulate a different number of spots (such as 1 & 1/2).

Spin The Windmill direction [A2] (Holman Hudspeth 1968): From applicable formations. Centers (Step To A Wave, if necessary) Swing, Slip, & Cast Off 3/4 as the Outsides 1/4 toward the given direction & Circulate twice. Generalized Columns or Generalized 1/4 Tag ends in Parallel Lines.

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