Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Switch The Line [C1]

From any Line of 4.

Centers Run as Ends Cross Run.

Ends in a Line.

Switch The Line

Switch The Line

  • You may wish to think of Switch The Line as (do your part) Swing-Slither.
  • At A2, Switch is restricted to starting only from a Wave.
  • According to the CALLERLAB definitions, in cases where dancers would collide, those doing the Cross Run move outside of those doing the Run; otherwise, all the usual shoulder-passing rules apply.

Grand Switch (The Line | Wave) [C4] (Lee Kopman): From a general 1 x {n} Line. The #2 dancers (those adjacent to the Very Ends) Run as the others Grand Working As Ends Cross Run. Ends in a 1 x {n} Line. Cheat: As one movement, Swing-Grand Slither.

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