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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Swap Around, Reverse Swap Around [A1]
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Swap Around, Reverse Swap Around -- [A1]
   (Ed Hollow 1965)

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From Facing Couples, or from a T-Bone 2 x 2 in which everyone is a Trailer.

Swap Around:
Belles walk forward (Box Circulate) as
Beaus flip (Run) into the adjacent Belle's position.

Reverse Swap Around:
Beaus walk forward (Box Circulate) as
Belles flip (Run) into the adjacent Beau's position.

Facing Couples end in Back-to-Back Couples.

Swap Around:

Swap Around
Reverse Swap Around:

Reverse Swap Around

  • Dancers are often confused as to who walks and who flips. Many dancers wait before moving until they see another dancer move. Hence, if you know which part to do, be assertive and move!
  • For smoother dancing, those who flip over should turn 1/4 toward the adjacent dancer and pause briefly to allow them to move out of the way.
  • On Swap Around everyone moves one position counter-clockwise within the box of 4.
  • On Reverse Swap Around everyone moves one position clockwise within the box of 4.
  • On Swap Around, some callers teach the Belle to walk forward and point to the Left or make a hand-wave motion to the dancer in front of them. This signals that dancer to flip over and get out of the way.

Split Swap (Around) [C2] ("Skinny" Hall 1968): From Facing Couples or from a T-Bone 2 x 2 in which everyone is a Trailer. As one movement, Belles Box Circulate & 1/4 Right as Beaus 1/4 Right & Box Circulate. Facing Couples end in Back-to-Back Couples.

Swap The Wave [C2] (Lee Kopman 1972): From a Wave. As one movement, Step Thru; resulting Beaus 1/4 Right & Wheel Thru. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. The end result of Swap The Wave is as if everyone took a step backward (to form Facing Couples) and then did a Swap Around.

Swap The Top [C3A,C3B] (Bob Norton 1970): From Facing Couples. Belles Extend (L-H) and Cast Off 3/4 as Beaus Run once and a half. Ends in a R-H Wave.

Swap The Windmill [C4] (Keith Gulley 1970): From an applicable 2 x 4 such as Facing Lines or an Eight Chain Thru. 1/2 Swap Around; adjust as necessary to make normal (Center-to-Center) Diamonds; Spin The Windmill, Ends Circulate 2 (as you are). Ends in Parallel L-H Two-Faced Lines.

Fan Thru [C4] (Tom Tarleton 1967): From Facing Couples or a R-H Wave. Step to a Wave if necessary; Centers Trade; all Step Thru. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. Fan Thru is choreographically equivalent to Reverse Swap Around and, in our opinion, a smoother call.

Grand Swap Around [NOL]: From appropriate Columns of 3 or 4 (e.g., a L-H 1/4 Box). Belles Circulate as Beaus Run.

Grand Swap Around:

Swap Around

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CALLERLAB definition for Reverse Swap Around

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