Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts

A Squared Set (also known as a Static Set) consists of 4 couples, arranged in a square pattern (aligned to the walls of the hall, if possible) such that each couple has their back to a wall and is facing in toward the center of the square. Within each couple, the Boy is on the left, and the Girl is on the right.

Squared Set

Boys are denoted by squares, and Girls by circles.
A black dot indicates facing direction.

  1. Couple #1 is the couple with their backs to the caller;
  2. Couple #2 is the couple to their right;
  3. Couple #3 is the next couple to the right;
  4. Couple #4 is the remaining couple.

Couple #1 and Couple #3 are known as the Head Couples (or Heads).

Couple #2 and Couple #4 are known as the Side Couples (or Sides).

Your Partner is the one beside you (the one you're paired up with).

Your Corner is the other adjacent dancer (to the Boys' left, or the Girls' right).

Your Opposite is the opposite sex dancer directly across from you.

The remaining dancer of the opposite sex is either your Right-Hand Lady if you're a Boy, or your Left-Hand Man if you're a Girl. These two terms are infrequently used. In old-time dancing, the Right-Hand Lady is also referred to as the Gal from Arkansas. -- Copyright © 2021 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.