Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts

The Prefer CONCEPT does not have a clear-cut definition and in most cases is call-dependent.

In general, the 'Preferred' dancers do the first part of the call, the given part of the call, or the most obvious or active part of the call. The caller will usually say 'Prefer the anyone: anything' or 'anyone is Preferred: anything.' The caller may also indicate which part of the given call the Preferred dancers are to do.

Examples are given below.

In Roll Circulate, Out Roll Circulate:
Preferred dancers are the In Roller or Out Roller.

Explode The Line, Explode And anything:
Preferred dancers Step Ahead; all 1/4 In; etc.

Checkpoint anything By anything:
Preferred dancers do the first anything call and end on the outside.

Checker Board | Box anything:
Preferred dancers do the Trade.

Stack The Line:
all 1/4 In; Preferred dancers go across.

Since the Prefer CONCEPT is inherently ambiguous, the caller should be specific as to who is to do what with whom. For instance, in the last two examples above, the caller could have said:

Another use of the Prefer CONCEPT is to designate which hand or which direction is to be used in case of a conflict. For example,

Prefer The Very Ends
for an Out Roll Circulate
Prefer The Beaus
for an Explode The Line
Beaus Step Ahead,
all 1/4 In & adjust to Facing Couples
Right Pull By
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