Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Pitch {direction} | {anything} [C4]

From Tandem dancers, Facing dancers, or Back-to-Back dancers. EN: 10

Leaders Right Zing (1/4 Right and Run) as Trailers Circulate and turn 1/4 toward the given direction or do the anything call. EN: 20

Pitch direction ends in a Couple or a Mini-Wave. EN: 30

Pitch Left
Pitch Single Wheel
Leaders Right Zing
während Trailers Circulate
ursprünglich Trailers Single Wheel

  • If no direction or anything call is given the Trailers Circulate and do nothing else. EN: 40
  • If a direction precedes the word 'Pitch', the Leader does the Zing toward that direction (i.e., 'Left Pitch Right' is a Leaders Left Zing as Trailers Circulate and 1/4 Right). EN: 50
  • If the given direction is 'In' or 'Out', do a 1/4 In | Out (as opposed to a Face In | Out). EN: 60
  • Pitch Right is the same as Latch On [C3A]. EN: 70 -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.