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Outpost [C4]
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Outpost -- [C4]
   (author unknown)

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From Parallel Lines in which each Line has at least one Out-Facing End. EN: 10

  1. 1/2 Out Roll Circulate;
  2. Triple Trade;
  3. Centers Ah So as Ends do two Phantom "O" Circulates (Hocus Pocus). EN: 20

Ends in Parallel Waves. This is a 3-part call. EN: 30

1/2 Out Roll Circulate
Triple Trade
Centers Ah So
as Ends Hocus Pocus


  • If both Ends of the Line start Facing Out, Prefer The Right-most End for the 1/2 Out Roll Circulate (i.e., 1/2 Here Comes The Judge). If the caller wishes the Left-most End to be Preferred, the caller will say Left or Mirror OutpostEN: 40
  • The End doing the 1/2 Circulate should clearly identify themself so that the other dancers in their Line know toward which direction to move. EN: 50

Here Comes The Judge [C2] (Ralph Pavlik 1968):
From a Line (usually of 4) in which both Ends are facing the same direction. The End Belle (Right-most End) do your part Ends Trade, as the Others Run one position towards the original End Belle's position. Ends in a Line. Here Comes The Judge is the same as Prefer the End Belle for an Out Roll Circulate. EN: 367

Hocus Pocus [C2] (Norm Poisson 1979):
From applicable formations including all 2 x 4 setups, Twin Diamonds, 1/4 Tag, etc. Outside 4 dancers do two Phantom "O" Circulates as Center 4 Trade. EN: 396

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