Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
"O" Formation [C1]

An "O" consists of dancers occupying the following spots in a 4 x 4 matrix:


From here... imagine you are here.

An "O" is considered to be Distorted Columns, as if the Centers slid apart from normal Columns.

If you are here... think of working
in Columns
"O" Circulate
"O" Transfer The Column
 imagine you are here after
Transfer The Column
re-establishing "O" footprints

  • For simple calls (such as "O" Circulate, "O" Split Counter Rotate 1/4, etc.) move directly to your ending footprints. For more complex calls, start the call working distorted, blend into a normal setup, complete the call normally, and then have the resulting Centers move away from the Center to re-establish the "O" footprints.
  • If dancers occupy "O" footprints but the caller wishes them to work in distorted Parallel Lines, the term Big Block [C3A] is used.
  • Sometimes the caller wants you to start the call in your "O" but finish in a normal setup. In these cases the caller will add a suffix such as 'To Normal Waves', 'To A Line', 'To Columns', etc. (e.g., "O" Checkmate To Normal Lines).
  • An "O" can also be T-Bone in which case you do your part working in your own set of distorted Columns.

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"O" Walk & Dodge

Mini-"O" FORMATION [C1V]: A Mini-"O" is a 6-dancer "O" with 2 Centers and 4 Ends.


Mini-"O" think of working here

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