Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
{direction} Loop {n} [C2]

Designated dancers Run toward the given direction past the designated number, n, of dancer positions. Non-designated dancers do not move or adjust in any manner.

This is the starting formation
for each of the following:

Right Loop 1

Left Loop 2

Leaders Right Loop 1

  • 'Position' in terms of this definition refers to a spot that could be occupied by a dancer. Within a 2 x 4 there are eight positions. A Squared Set, Butterfly, or "O" is a 16-Matrix (4 x 4) formation, and one position refers to an adjacent spot within that rectangular grid.
  • 'Position' in terms of this definition refers to a spot that could be On Loop 1, run so that you have completely gone past one position. This will put you a total of 2 positions from your original spot.
  • Loop is a convenient way for the caller to get into and out of Offset setups.
  • The direction can be In, Out, Right, or Left. In and Out are relative to the Center of the Set.
  • If no direction is given, move toward the direction you would move if the caller said Run. However, callers, it is best to always give a direction so that ambiguities are avoided.

See also Press direction [C1] and Truck [C2]. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.