Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts

Do a Circulate to the next position within the given formation if and only if:

  1. another dancer will be Circulating to your current position, and
  2. nobody else will be Circulating to your next position.

{n} indicates the number of times to apply the above rules. After each Funny formation Circulate, re-evaluate your position. Typically, only dancers facing within the Circulate path can move.

Funny Diamond Circulate 3:

Funny Diamond
Circulate 3

  • When doing Funny Circulates, verbally count each one aloud when you are active, and point at the dancer who currently occupies the spot to which you are moving. Often active dancers will hold up 1 finger when doing the first Circulate, 2 fingers when doing the second, and so on.
  • If you start in a normal setup (a setup in which the caller could say Circulate & everybody can go to a unique spot, such as a normal R-H Diamond), then everybody can go on a Funny Circulate.
  • If you do not start in a normal setup, then not everybody will do all of the Circulates. There is often a primary dancer who starts the Funny Circulates and will always be working. This dancer will "govern" the count, while the other dancers will only move when they can "assist" the primary dancer. Thus, if the caller calls Funny Circulate 3 some dancers may only get one Circulate, others may only get two Circulates, while the primary dancers do all three.

Funny Split Trade Circulate (3 of the 4 dancers can go!):')

Funny Split Trade Circulate
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