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Eight By {anything} [C3A]
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Eight By anything -- [C3A]
   (Lee Kopman 1981)

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From applicable formations.

Outsides Grand Chain Eight and Roll as Centers do the anything call (working in the Center).

Ends in various formations.

Eight By Wheel Thru:

Eight By Wheel Thru

Eight By Flip The Diamond:

Eight By Flip The Diamond

Left Eight By [NOL]: Outsides Mirror Grand Chain Eight and Roll as Centers do the anything call. Note: the word Left applies only to the outsides.

Note: Some callers use Eight By anything as if it was the same as Own The Outsides Grand Chain Eight & Roll By anything. For example, from an Eight Chain Thru: Eight By 1/2 Square Thru. We believe that this usage of Eight By is invalid.

CALLERLAB definition for Eight By Anything

Choreography for Eight By anything

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