Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
From Twin Diamonds.

Do the anything call but use all four dancers in your Diamond when executing all movements on the outside. The traffic pattern usually contains Diamond Circulates.

Ends in Twin Diamonds.

Any 2-dancer call and some 4-dancer calls may be used with this concept.

  Typical 2-dancer calls:   Typical 4-dancer calls:

Diamond Single Wheel:

Diamond Single Wheel
Diamond 1/4 Thru:

Diamond 1/4 Thru
Diamond Right Arm Turn 1/4
(Diamond Circulate)
Diamond Left Arm Turn 1/2
(Very Centers Trade)

  • For 2-dancer calls, work in each Diamond. The points work with each other as the Centers work with each other.
  • Calls that always start with the R-H must start with the R-H (e.g., from L-H Twin Diamonds a Diamond Swing Thru starts in the Center!).
  • Each dancer must end on one of the footprints of the original formation. Shape-changers are not allowed.

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