Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts

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From a Couple.

Left-hands joined in front, the left-side dancer (the Beau) places his/her right-hand behind the other dancer's back. The right-side dancer (the Belle) places her/his right-hand in the small of his/her back to join the other dancer's right-hand. As a couple turn to the left 1/2 way (Beau 'pushing' the Belle) to face in.

Technically, Courtesy Turn and most other square dance calls are gender-neutral (i.e., not sex-dependent). As such, calls that start from couple formations will often be described in terms of Beaus and Belles.

From a couple...
  the Beau is the left-side dancer (the Boy's normal position);
  the Belle is the right-side dancer (the Girl's normal position).

In practice, Courtesy Turn is almost always called from positions where the Boy turns the Girl.

Courtesy Turn

Courtesy Turn
 half way done

Courtesy Turn can also be called from positions other than a Couple. For example, the Girls could be turning a right-hand star, and the caller could say Boys (reach in and) Courtesy Turn Your Original Corner. In this case, the turn itself is more than 180°. Turn whatever amount is necessary to end facing toward the center of the set.

Boys Courtesy Turn The Girls

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