Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Chain The Square [C2]

From an Eight Chain Thru (or Parallel R-H Waves).

Right Pull By; Outsides Courtesy Turn and Veer Left as the Centers Step To A L-H Wave, Very Centers Left-face U-Turn Back (placing R-H on adjacent End's back), Courtesy Turn and As Couples Extend.

Ends in Parallel R-H Two-Faced Lines.

Chain The Square
Right Pull By &
Centers Step to L-H Wave
Very Centers
Left-face U-Turn Back
all Courtesy Turn
As Couples Extend

  • The Courtesy Turn movement for the new Centers (after the R-H Pull By) is sometimes described as 1/4 Out; Courtesy Turn & 1/4 more. We dislike this definition for 2 reasons:
  • The original Outside Belle's part is somewhat awkward because there is first a 1/4 Out (to the Right) and then Courtesy Turn (to the Left) 3/4, instead of just a smooth 180° Courtesy Turn.
  • If you advance into C3, the caller may call a Left Chain The Square in which case we believe it is easier to remember to have the new Centers Step To A R-H Wave & then the Very Centers always turn the Ends. If, instead, you were to 1/4 Out, you can easily become confused as to who turns who.

  • After the new Centers Step To A Wave, it is always the Centers of the Wave that take the Ends back to where the Ends came from. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.