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Catch {anything} {n} [C3A]
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Catch anything {n} -- [C3A]
   (Johnny Preston 1981)

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From applicable formations.

Square Thru n To A Wave; do the anything call; Step & Fold.

Ends in various formations.


  • The anything call can be an 8-dancer call.
  • If the anything call is 'Lock' do a Lockit; if the anything call is 'Top' do a Fan The Top.
  • In our opinion, the caller should always use the complete name for the anything call: a dancer who has learned Catch anything n but has not been exposed to Catch Top n would not necessarily know that 'Top' refers to a Fan the Top (as opposed to a Spin The Top, Relay The Top, Tag The Top, or some other call).
  • The anything call may end in a Diamond. If so, do a Step & Fold from a Diamond: Centers 1/2 Press Ahead as Points Fold to end in a T-Bone 2 x 2.

Catch Switch To A Diamond 3:

Catch Switch To A Diamond 3
Square Thru 3 To A Wave
Switch To A Diamond
Step & Fold

Split Catch anything n [C3A]: Split Square Thru n To A Wave; do the anything call; Step & Fold.


  • Catch Motivate 3: This is a Catch anything 3 where the anything call is Motivate.

    From Eight Chain Thru: Square Thru on the 3rd hand do a full Motivate then Step & Fold.

  • Catch 3 Motivate: This is an anything Motivate where the anything call is Catch 3.

    From Facing Lines: do a full Catch 3 then Finish a Motivate (i.e., omit the first Circulate).


  • Once Removed Catch Mix 3: From Facing Lines or Double Pass Thru: working Once Removed, do the call Catch Mix 3.
  • Catch Once Removed Mix 3: From Facing Lines: The call is Catch anything 3 with the anything call being Once Removed Mix. Each side Square Thru, but on the 3rd hand everyone does a Once Removed Mix, then each side Step & Fold.

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Choreography for Catch anything {n}

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