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Breaker {anything} [C3A]
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Breaker anything -- [C3A]
   (Lee Kopman 1976)

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From Columns, Magic Columns, or applicable T-Bone 2 x 4s.

Ends Cast Off 3/4 as Centers Box Counter Rotate 1/4 and 1/2 Box Circulate; Center Line does the anything call (if the anything call is a number such as 1, 2, or 3, then Cast Off that many quarters) as the others move up (Phantom Hourglass Circulate).

Usually ends in Parallel Lines, Twin Diamonds, or an Hourglass depending upon the anything call.

Breaker Mix:

Breaker Mix
Outsides Cast Off 3/4
as Centers Box Counter Rotate 1/4
and 1/2 Box Circulate
those in the Outside Diamond 'move up'.
This position is a Breaker Nothing
Those in the Center Line now need to do the anything call.
Centers Mix


  • After the first part, outside dancers ( , , , in the above diagrams) move up (to become ends of lines or points of diamonds) and do not get involved in the anything call.
  • Breaker 3 is the most common usage of this call. If feels a lot like a Linear Action or Tally-Ho.

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