Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Box Recycle [C1]

From Facing Couples, a Mini-Wave Box, or a Box consisting of one R-H Mini-Wave and one In-facing Couple.

Those who are a Couple do your part of a (Facing) Recycle as those in a Mini-Wave do a Leaders Trail Off as Trailers 1/2 Box Circulate and U-Turn Back by turning toward the Center of the 4-dancer formation.

Ends in a Wave.

From R-H Mini-Waves or Facing Couples:

Box Recycle
From L-H Mini-Wave Box:

Box Recycle

Split Recycle [C1]: From applicable formations. Each 2 x 2 do a Box Recycle.

  • Since Split Recycle is the original name for this call, there are several callers who always call it by that name.
  • From a Mini-Wave, Box Recycle feels like a Box Counter Rotate 1/4 & Hinge. When doing Box Recycle from a Mini-Wave, hold onto the adjacent dancer throughout the entire call.
  • From an In-facing Couple, only the Beaus can Roll. From Mini-Waves, everyone can Roll.
  • From unambiguous setups (e.g., from Columns), the caller can simply say Recycle instead of Box Recycle.
  • Some callers believe that from a 2 x 4 such as Waves or Columns, Box Recycle means Center 4 (Concentric) Box Recycle whereas Split Recycle means each side Box Recycle. We prefer the callers to be more explicit as in 'Centers Box Recycle'.

Recycle [from Facing Couples] [A2] (Lee Kopman 1974): From Facing Couples. Beaus 1/2 Box Circulate and Right-face U-Turn Back as Belles Left Dodge and Veer Left. Ends in a R-H Wave.

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