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Bounce {anyone} [C2]
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Bounce anyone -- [C2]
   (Lee Kopman 1982)

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From a Two-Faced Line. EN: 10

  1. Veer Back-to-Back; EN: 20
  2. designated dancers U-Turn Back in flow direction. EN: 30

Ends in a 2 x 2. EN: 40

Bounce is a 2-part call. EN: 50


  • The U-Turn Back is toward the same direction as the Veer. I.e., If you Veer Right, then the U-Turn Back is toward the Right. If you Veer Left, then the U-Turn Back is toward the Left. For the designated dancers, Bounce feels like an Any Shoulder Turn & Deal. Be sure to do the U-Turn Back toward the correct direction since the caller could add a Roll. EN: 60
  • Determine who the designated dancers are before doing the Veer Back-to-Back, not after. For example, from Parallel Two-Faced Lines: Bounce The Leaders is a Veer Back-to-Back (now everyone is a Leader) followed by original Leaders U-Turn Back in flow direction. Similarly, from Parallel Two-Faced Lines: Bounce The Ends refers to the original Ends, not those who become Ends after the Veer Back-to-Back. EN: 70

Bounce The Belles:

Bounce The Belles
Veer Right
Belles U-Turn Back
toward the right EN: 80

Bounce The Boys & Roll:

Bounce The Boys & Roll
( = Boy)
Veer Left
Boys U-Turn Back
toward the left EN: 90

Single Bounce anyone [C2]:
From a Mini-Wave. Single Veer Back-to-Back (Step Thru); designated dancers U-Turn Back toward the direction of the Veer. EN: 955

Single Bounce The Boys:

Single Bounce The Boys
( = Boy)

For the designated dancers, Single Bounce feels like a Single Wheel. EN: 100


  • Bounce Nobody
    (just Veer Back-to-Back); EN: 110
  • Bounce Everybody;
  • Line of 6 ( or 8) Bounce anyone.

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