Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Bias Circulate [C3A]
From Parallel Waves or other applicable formations. EN: 10

Leaders Circulate as Trailers Star 1/2 (R-H Star from R-H Waves, L-H Star from L-H Waves), and adjust to become Leaders in Wave (R-H Waves if R-H Star, L-H Waves if L-H Star). EN: 20

Parallel Waves end in Parallel Waves. EN: 30

Bias Circulate

  • For Trailers: Ends become Centers, and Centers become Ends. EN: 50
  • C3B definition: Leaders Circulate as Trailers Diagonal Box Circulate. EN: 60
  • The original definition of Bias Circulate had the Trailers make a R-H (or L-H) Star, Turn it 1/2 way, and adjust to end in Waves. Hence, it was possible for the caller to modify the amount to turn the Star (this is considered bogus today). Our definition uses Diagonal Box Circulate as a convenient way to express turning the Star. It is inappropriate to call Bias Circulate from T-Bones such that the Trailers are in Columns instead of Lines. EN: 70
  • Bias Circulate is equivalent to Trapezoid Split Trade Circulate (except that from L-H Waves, a L-H Star is used). EN: 80

Bias Trade Circulate [C4]:
From Parallel Waves. As one movement, Bias Circulate and Spread. Ends in opposite-handed Parallel Waves. Alternative definition: Leaders Crossover Circulate as Trailers Diagonal Box Crossover Circulate (using a L-H Star when starting from L-H Waves). EN: 24

Bias Trade Circulate

See also Diagonal Box CONCEPT [C3B]. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.