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(Two) Ladies Chain [Basic]
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(Two) Ladies Chain -- [Basic]
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From normal Facing Couples, or a Single Starting Double Pass Thru with the Ladies in front. EN: 10
Z formace Facing Couples nebo Single Starting Double Pass Thru s Ladies uprostřed. CZ: 10

Similar to Four Ladies Chain, except that it is done by two couples only. EN: 20
Podobné Four Ladies Chain kromě toho, že se provádí pouze z formace dvou Facing Couples. CZ: 20

Two ladies star 1/2 way across to the other Boy, giving that Boy their left-hand. Boy places his left-hand in her left hand, then puts his right-hand on her back to turn her (about 3/4) to end in facing couples. EN: 30
Dvě Girls zatočí hvězdu o půl k dalšímu Boy a podají mu svou levou ruku. Boy ji uchopí svou levou rukou, vezme Girls kolem pasu a zatočí ji o 3/4. Končí ve formaci facing couples. CZ: 30

Ends in facing couples, with the Girls having swapped positions. EN: 40
Končí ve formaci facing couples, Girls na opačné straně, než začaly. CZ: 40

(Two) Ladies Chain

before před
Ladies Chain
after po
Girls right-hand star 1/2
after po
Boys turn the Girls
(done) (hotovo)

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