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Circle Left | Right [Basic]
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Circle Left | Right -- [Basic]
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From a Circle (a ring of 2 or more dancers). EN: 10

Join hands and circle as directed to the left or right. If no direction is given, Circle LeftEN: 20

The caller may or may not tell you to circle a specific amount. For example, if the caller says Circle Left, then circle left until the next command is given; on the other hand, if the caller says Circle Left 1/2 Way, then circle the given amount and then stop (1/2 way means to circle 1/2 way around the circle, so you have changed facing direction by 180°). EN: 30

While circling, the caller may tell you to Reverse it, and circle the other direction. EN: 40

Handholds: For the time being (when all circles consist of alternating Boys and Girls), Boys use a palms-up, and Girls use a palms-down. EN: 50

CALLERLAB definition for Circle Left / Circle Right

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