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49er's  NE   ID: 601

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ACES  ENGUnited Kingdom   ID: 1302
ACR-Club e.V.  BYGermany   ID: 74
Adelaide Outlaws  S.A.Australia   ID: 520
Adelaide Outlaws  S.A.Australia   ID: 521
All Square At Zero  ENGUnited Kingdom   ID: 2075
Alster Dancers  HHGermany   ID: 103
Ant Squares  Taiwan   ID: 1586
Archway Happy Hoppers EV  NWGermany   ID: 93
Arkansas Travellers  HEGermany   ID: 271
Austyrias  Austria   ID: 1622

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B n B's  OR   ID: 178
Bamberg Cornhuskers  BYGermany   ID: 924
Bandits Ladenburg e.V.  BWGermany   ID: 1483
Barmstedter MTV von 1864  SHGermany   ID: 4
Beaux and Belles  ONCanada   ID: 506
Beech Birds  NWGermany   ID: 1316
Black Forest Ghosts  BWGermany   ID: 116
Blue Diamonds SDC  ENGUnited Kingdom   ID: 1619
Blue Wave Buer  NWGermany   ID: 1949
Bonn Square Dance Group  NWGermany   ID: 691
Border U-Turn Back  BYGermany   ID: 1517
Bunny Circle  France   ID: 1379

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C-Gulls  FL   ID: 1033
Castle Ghosts SDC  BWGermany   ID: 657
Castle Twirlers Coburg  BYGermany   ID: 225
Castoffs  FL   ID: 973
Chase West  HHGermany   ID: 81
Community Dancers Brno  Czech Republic   ID: 130
Contround Eights Square Dance Club  ENGUnited Kingdom   ID: 1292
Country Dream  France   ID: 2019
Country Farrow  Czech Republic   ID: 40
Crazy Birds  BYGermany   ID: 1583
Crazy Dancers  Czech Republic   ID: 49
Crazy Eights Berlin  BEGermany   ID: 2006
Crazy Pink Cadillacs  HEGermany   ID: 176
Cross Country Hoppers  HHGermany   ID: 998
Crossroad Cowboys e.V  BYGermany   ID: 967

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Darmstompers SDC e.V.  HEGermany   ID: 142
Day Dreamers  HEGermany   ID: 229
Dice Hill Squares  NSCanada   ID: 1402
Die Hards Schweinfurt  BYGermany   ID: 226
Dots & Dashers  ABCanada   ID: 1849
Double Diamonds  NWGermany   ID: 94
Double H  IN   ID: 706
Dragon Rounds Darmstadt  HEGermany   ID: 146

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Elbe Beach Hoppers  HHGermany   ID: 82
Emder SDC (F.I.B. e.V)  NIGermany   ID: 633
Energy Squares  Sweden   ID: 30
Essendon Square Dance Club  VICAustralia   ID: 438

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Flat Creek Roses  NWGermany   ID: 1370
Flintstones SDC, The  Netherlands   ID: 44
Flying Toasters RDC  HEGermany   ID: 2032
Fun Loving Happy Hoppers  NWGermany   ID: 69

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Haching Lion Twirlers  BYGermany   ID: 1923
Hannover Hearties  NIGermany   ID: 212
High Speed Traveller  NIGermany   ID: 233
Hogsmill Squares  ENGUnited Kingdom   ID: 2057

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Island Sun Cloggids  NIGermany   ID: 668

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Join Hands  Denmark   ID: 1611
Join Promenáda  Czech Republic   ID: 987

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Kanalhoppers Minden  NWGermany   ID: 881
Kannella Squares  S.A.Australia   ID: 864
Kay's Plus  QLDAustralia   ID: 1482
Keep Smiling Dancers  HEGermany   ID: 143
Kieler Wheeler  SHGermany   ID: 209

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LDC Karolína Brno  Czech Republic   ID: 1491
Little Indians SDC  SNGermany   ID: 257
Load Boat Dreamers  BWGermany   ID: 544
Lucky Castle Knights  BYGermany   ID: 1918
Lune Valley Ocean Wavers SDC  ENGUnited Kingdom   ID: 1981
Lune Valley Ocean Wavers SDC  ENGUnited Kingdom   ID: 1982

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Meenzer Mascots SDC  RPGermany   ID: 1157
Mining Twirlers Essen  NWGermany   ID: 31
Motiv8's  Sweden   ID: 2042
Munich Dip-N-Divers  BYGermany   ID: 499
Munich Outlaws SDC  BYGermany   ID: 500
Munich Swinging Bells  BYGermany   ID: 495

 N Top of page Bottom of page  BWGermany   ID: 873
Neckar Valley Dancers  BWGermany   ID: 855

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Offenburg SDC  BWGermany   ID: 186
Otonabee Squares  ONCanada   ID: 1819
Ottawa Date Squares  ONCanada   ID: 25
OVERalls  CA   ID: 770

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Penguins Denmark  Denmark   ID: 1964
Penguins Denmark  Denmark   ID: 1965
Pingvinerna  Sweden   ID: 874
Potsdam Promenaders  BBGermany   ID: 750

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Red Rock Hoppers  RPGermany   ID: 1113
Rhythm Rebells e.V.  BWGermany   ID: 132
Rockin' Family  France   ID: 2051
Rolling-Points  BWGermany   ID: 848
Ruhrfire Squares e.V.  NWGermany   ID: 1420
Running Turtles  BYGermany   ID: 1621
Running Turtles  BYGermany   ID: 1623

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San Juan Squares  Puerto Rico   ID: 1449
SDC Coconuts  BWGermany   ID: 286
SDC Moonspinners  HEGermany   ID: 866
Silk City Plus  NWGermany   ID: 2034
Smiling Bavarians SDC  BYGermany   ID: 202
Square Breakers  NWGermany   ID: 1181
Staufen Knights e.V.  BWGermany   ID: 117
Stuttgart Strutters SDC  BWGermany   ID: 889
Sunset Twirlers  S.A.Australia   ID: 1153
Sunset Twirlers  S.A.Australia   ID: 1154
Sunset Twirlers  S.A.Australia   ID: 1489
Sweet Devils e.V.  HHGermany   ID: 922
Swiss Smiley Dancers  Switzerland   ID: 51

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Tally Ho's  HHGermany   ID: 3
The Bay Waves  ONCanada   ID: 287
The Dancing Comets  HHGermany   ID: 57
The Diamond  Denmark   ID: 539
The Hurly-Burly Magixs  BYGermany   ID: 1258
The Lumberjacks e.V  BYGermany   ID: 968
The WorkShoppers  Austria   ID: 1970
Tilehurst Square Dance Club  ENGUnited Kingdom   ID: 246
Toelzer Twirlers  BYGermany   ID: 1326
Top Cats  CA   ID: 546
Triangle Squares  NWGermany   ID: 90
Triangle Squares  NWGermany   ID: 91
Triangle Squares  ONCanada   ID: 1201
Twirlers  CA   ID: 991

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Uniting Squares  QLDAustralia   ID: 677

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Wesburn Wranglers  BCCanada   ID: 1546
WesternSpirit  Italy   ID: 2012
Witches & Wizards SDC  HEGermany   ID: 452
Wuerzburg Whirlers SDC  BYGermany   ID: 427

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Y-Knots  SD   ID: 1992
Yellow Rockers Kiel  SHGermany   ID: 870
Yellow Rose Augsburg  BYGermany   ID: 769
Yorke Promenaders  S.A.Australia   ID: 1956

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