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4 Plus Square Dance Club  South Carolina   ID: 2056
49er's  Nebraska   ID: 601

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ACR-Club e.V.  BayernGermany   ID: 74
Adelaide Outlaws  South AustraliaAustralia   ID: 520
Adelaide Outlaws  South AustraliaAustralia   ID: 521
Advanced Squares  California   ID: 2095
All Square At Zero  EnglandUnited Kingdom   ID: 2075
Alster Dancers  HamburgGermany   ID: 103
American Squares  Illinois   ID: 348
Ant Squares  Taiwan   ID: 1586
Aqua Squares  Maryland   ID: 1190
Archway Happy Hoppers EV  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 93
Arkansas Travellers  HessenGermany   ID: 271
Arlington Squares  Illinois   ID: 415
Austyrias  Austria   ID: 1622

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B n B's  Oregon   ID: 178
Bamberg Cornhuskers  BayernGermany   ID: 924
Bandits Ladenburg e.V.  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 1483
Barmstedter MTV von 1864  Schleswig-HolsteinGermany   ID: 4
Beaux and Belles  OntarioCanada   ID: 506
Beaux and Belles SDC e.V.  HessenGermany   ID: 144
Bee Bops  Colorado   ID: 1954
Beech Birds  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 1316
Belle Swingers  California   ID: 547
Belles 'N' Beaus  Nebraska   ID: 606
Bizzy Bees  Virginia   ID: 2118
Black Forest Ghosts  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 116
Blue Diamonds SDC  EnglandUnited Kingdom   ID: 1619
Blue Wave Buer  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 1949
Bonn Square Dance Group  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 691
Bootjack Stompers  California   ID: 12
Boots & Slippers  California   ID: 1962
Boots and Bows  California   ID: 1398
Boots and Slippers  California   ID: 8
Boots In Squares  California   ID: 1106
Boots n' Bows  New York   ID: 1191
Border U-Turn Back  BayernGermany   ID: 1517
Boys'N'Berries  California   ID: 140
Breisgau Twirlers Freiburg  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 1826
Buckles & Bows  California   ID: 1616
Bunny Circle  France   ID: 1379
Buttons 'N' Bows  California   ID: 774
Buttons and Bows  California   ID: 1613

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C-Gulls  Florida   ID: 1033
C-Lions Square Dance e.V.  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 638
Calico Squares  Tennessee   ID: 1247
Camden Hi-Steppers  South Carolina   ID: 2043
Canyon Lake Twirlers  California   ID: 624
Cape Cod Twirlers  Massachusetts   ID: 1085
Caper Cutters  California   ID: 1562
Capital Squares  North Carolina   ID: 1144
Carmentis  Czech Republic   ID: 2135
Carolinians  North Carolina   ID: 1355
Cascade Crossfires  Washington   ID: 1862
Castle Ghosts SDC  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 657
Castle Twirlers Coburg  BayernGermany   ID: 225
Castoffs  Florida   ID: 973
Chase West  HamburgGermany   ID: 81
Chi-Town Squares  Illinois   ID: 752
Cincy A-2  Ohio   ID: 587
Circle 8's  New Mexico   ID: 410
Circle Eights  New Jersey   ID: 911
Circle N' Squares  California   ID: 1109
Circle Squares  Nebraska   ID: 568
Cloverleaf  Czech Republic   ID: 2127
Clutch Busters  California   ID: 195
Community Dancers Brno  Czech Republic   ID: 130
Contround Eights Square Dance Club  EnglandUnited Kingdom   ID: 1292
Cougar Squares  Washington   ID: 1848
Country Dream  France   ID: 2019
Country Farrow  Czech Republic   ID: 40
Country Skippers SDC  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 2096
County Country Cloggers  AlbertaCanada   ID: 877
Cowtown Singles  California   ID: 970
Crazy Birds  BayernGermany   ID: 1583
Crazy Dancers  Czech Republic   ID: 49
Crazy Eights Berlin  BerlinGermany   ID: 2006
Crazy Pink Cadillacs  HessenGermany   ID: 176
Cross Country Hoppers  HamburgGermany   ID: 998
Crossfire Squares  Nebraska   ID: 607
Crossroad Cowboys e.V  BayernGermany   ID: 967
CS (Club Spezial) Aalen  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 2022

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Dakota Squares  Minnesota   ID: 2052
Dancing Wolves Mühlhofen e.V.  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 1927
Dannstadter Hurricanes SDC e.V.  Rheinland-PfalzGermany   ID: 206
Darmstompers SDC e.V.  HessenGermany   ID: 142
Day Dreamers  HessenGermany   ID: 229
DC Lambda Squares  District of Columbia   ID: 101
Delme Square Dancer e.V. Delmenhorst  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 1535
Delta Squares  California   ID: 688
Devil Cloggers Darmstadt  HessenGermany   ID: 145
Diablo Dancers  California   ID: 1104
Dice Hill Squares  Nova ScotiaCanada   ID: 1402
Die Hards Schweinfurt  BayernGermany   ID: 226
Dixie Squares  Florida   ID: 357
Do Pas O  Pennsylvania   ID: 1172
Do Si Do's  Kentucky   ID: 1494
Dots & Dashers  AlbertaCanada   ID: 1849
Double Diamonds  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 94
Double H  Indiana   ID: 706
Dragon Rounds Darmstadt  HessenGermany   ID: 146
Duck 'n' Dive  Missouri   ID: 1004
Dudes 'n' Dolls  Montana   ID: 367
Dudes & Dolls  Washington   ID: 926

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Eastside Plus  Washington   ID: 1994
El Camino Reelers  California   ID: 33
Elbe Beach Hoppers e.V.  HamburgGermany   ID: 82
Emder SDC (F.I.B. e.V)  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 633
Energy Squares  Sweden   ID: 30
Essendon Square Dance Club  VictoriaAustralia   ID: 438

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Fairs 'n Squares  Massachusetts   ID: 366
Family Frolic  Nebraska   ID: 598
Farmers & Charmers  California   ID: 70
Fern Bluff Squares  Washington   ID: 784
Finest City Squares  California   ID: 317
Flat Creek Roses  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 1370
Flintstones SDC, The  Netherlands   ID: 44
Flirts & Skirts  Pennsylvania   ID: 2089
Flying Toasters RDC  HessenGermany   ID: 2032
Foggy City Dancers  California   ID: 316
Friendship Squares Wuerzburg  BayernGermany   ID: 344
Fun Loving Happy Hoppers  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 69
Funny Dolphin Twirlers SDC Duisburg  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 1397

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Gad-Abouts  Maryland   ID: 448
Galaxy Rounds  California   ID: 899
Glenview Squares  Illinois   ID: 1334
Good Times  Nevada   ID: 948
Granada Squares  Florida   ID: 822
Grapestompers  California   ID: 1321
Great Plain Squares  Massachusetts   ID: 120
Grin 'n Square It  California   ID: 843

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Hachede Swingers Geesthacht  Schleswig-HolsteinGermany   ID: 793
Haching Lion Twirlers  BayernGermany   ID: 1923
Hannover Hearties  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 212
Happy Hoppers  Washington   ID: 785
Happy Time Squares  New Hampshire   ID: 880
Harold's Squares  Nebraska   ID: 579
Hayloft Steppers SDC  Massachusetts   ID: 425
Heartland Singles  Nebraska   ID: 608
Heather Twirlers  Colorado   ID: 1166
Heel and Toe SDC  New Hampshire   ID: 1592
Hey Lollies  Texas   ID: 2114
High Desert Stars  California   ID: 944
High Mountain Squares  North Carolina   ID: 1308
High Speed Traveller  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 233
Hilltoppers  Colorado   ID: 1186
Hogsmill Squares  EnglandUnited Kingdom   ID: 2057
Honeycake Squares Nuernberg  BayernGermany   ID: 675
Huss Plus  Wisconsin   ID: 106

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Independence Squares  Pennsylvania   ID: 1400
Interlocked Squares  California   ID: 545
Ironia Reelers  New Jersey   ID: 296
Island Sun Cloggids  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 668

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Join Hands  Denmark   ID: 1611
Join Promenáda  Czech Republic   ID: 987
Joyhunters SDC Saarbrücken  SaarlandGermany   ID: 1952

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Kanalhoppers Minden  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 881
Kannella Squares  South AustraliaAustralia   ID: 864
Kay's Plus  QueenslandAustralia   ID: 1482
Keep Smiling Dancers  HessenGermany   ID: 143
Kentucky Kuzzin's  Kentucky   ID: 516
Kieler Wheeler  Schleswig-HolsteinGermany   ID: 209
Kingman Kut-ups  Arizona   ID: 749
Knoxville Squares  Tennessee   ID: 1371
Krazy Dazys  California   ID: 167

 L Top of page Bottom of page
L & M Squares  North Dakota   ID: 1296
Ladybird Twirlers Eickel e.V.  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 1950
LDC Karolína Brno  Czech Republic   ID: 1491
Leather & Lace  Nebraska   ID: 616
Lion Town Squares Braunschweig e. V.  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 241
Little Indians SDC  SachsenGermany   ID: 257
Little T Squares  Tennessee   ID: 1080
Live Wires  Missouri   ID: 1010
Lloydminster Chain & Circle  AlbertaCanada   ID: 1967
Load Boat Dreamers  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 544
Lockits Advanced Dance Club  OntarioCanada   ID: 985
Lotawana Sailors  Missouri   ID: 1012
Lucky Castle Knights  BayernGermany   ID: 1918
Lucky Steppers  California   ID: 1364
Lune Valley Ocean Wavers SDC  EnglandUnited Kingdom   ID: 1981
Lune Valley Ocean Wavers SDC  EnglandUnited Kingdom   ID: 1982

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Major Keys  California   ID: 1432
Mannheim Old West Squares  HessenGermany   ID: 917
Martinez Swingers  California   ID: 171
Matrix Squares  North Carolina   ID: 1496
Mavericks Square Dance Club  British ColumbiaCanada   ID: 522
Meenzer Mascots SDC  Rheinland-PfalzGermany   ID: 1157
Middletown Ramblers  New Jersey   ID: 434
Midnight Squares  California   ID: 891
Mining Twirlers Essen  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 31
Motiv8's  Sweden   ID: 2042
Mountain Squares  California   ID: 165
Mountain Squares  California   ID: 207
Munich Dip-N-Divers  BayernGermany   ID: 499
Munich Outlaws SDC  BayernGermany   ID: 500
Munich Square Devils e.V.  BayernGermany   ID: 1348
Munich Swinging Bells  BayernGermany   ID: 495

 N Top of page Bottom of page  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 873
Neckar Valley Dancers  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 855
North Bay Gateway Gliders  OntarioCanada   ID: 1455
Northside Promenaders  QueenslandAustralia   ID: 2085

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Oaktown 8s  California   ID: 1259
Oasis Squares  Nevada   ID: 1216
Oceanwaves  Illinois   ID: 1330
Offenburg SDC  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 186
Ohmoor Squeezers Hamburg e.V.  HamburgGermany   ID: 217
Otonabee Squares  OntarioCanada   ID: 1819
Ottawa Date Squares  OntarioCanada   ID: 25
OVERalls  California   ID: 770

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Penguins Denmark  Denmark   ID: 1964
Penguins Denmark  Denmark   ID: 1965
Percolators Germany e.V.  HamburgGermany   ID: 401
Phantom Squares  California   ID: 75
Pingvinerna  Sweden   ID: 874
Plus Spinners  Nebraska   ID: 602
Potsdam Promenaders  BrandenburgGermany   ID: 750
Prime 8's  California   ID: 1102
Puddletown Squares  Washington   ID: 237
Pumpernickel Promenaders e. V.  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 1811

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R Square D  Washington   ID: 1549
Rainbow Rounds  Nebraska   ID: 596
Ramblin' Rogues  California   ID: 914
Ramblin' Rounds  Nebraska   ID: 569
Red Rock Hoppers  Rheinland-PfalzGermany   ID: 1113
Redwood Rainbows  California   ID: 1349
Rhythm Rebells e.V.  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 132
Rhythm Rounds  Kentucky   ID: 726
Ribbons & Souls  California   ID: 2039
Riverside Squares  Massachusetts   ID: 1353
Rockin' Family  France   ID: 2051
Rolling-Points  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 848
Romney's Stars  California   ID: 1096
Romney's Stars  California   ID: 1098
Romney's Stars  California   ID: 1099
Ruffles 'n Beaus  California   ID: 362
Ruhrfire Squares e.V.  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 1420
Running Turtles  BayernGermany   ID: 1621
Running Turtles  BayernGermany   ID: 1623
Russ's Ferris Wheelers  OntarioCanada   ID: 1515
Rutgers Promenaders  New Jersey   ID: 19

 S Top of page Bottom of page
Sage Stompers  California   ID: 1202
Samena Squares  Washington   ID: 2002
San Juan Squares  Puerto Rico   ID: 1449
San-Ta's Workshop  Kentucky   ID: 727
Sandpipers  California   ID: 1573
Saturday Fun Nite  North Dakota   ID: 2007
Scootbacks Burgdorf e.V.  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 1599
SDC Coconuts  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 286
SDC Hot Shoes, MTV Aurich  NiedersachsenGermany   ID: 1504
SDC Moonspinners  HessenGermany   ID: 866
Seattle Matrix  Washington   ID: 1133
Shakin' Tailfeathers RDC  HessenGermany   ID: 1565
Sharpshooters  California   ID: 128
Shillelaghs Erlangen SDC e.V.  BayernGermany   ID: 147
Shirts 'N Skirts  New York   ID: 277
Shirts 'N Skirts  California   ID: 697
Shirts-n-Skirts  Washington   ID: 1061
Shoreline Squares  California   ID: 256
Silhouettes  Montana   ID: 1410
Silk City Plus  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 2034
Silver Stars  Georgia   ID: 1433
Silver Steppers  California   ID: 282
Single Circles  Minnesota   ID: 634
Single Spinners  California   ID: 1305
Single Wheelers  Nebraska   ID: 603
Smiling Bavarians SDC  BayernGermany   ID: 202
Southside Squares  Kentucky   ID: 728
Spares and Pairs  Minnesota   ID: 133
Spartan Spinners  South Carolina   ID: 1267
Square Breakers  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 1181
Square Dance Club Emmendingen  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 626
Square Dusters  Colorado   ID: 254
Square Eights  California   ID: 1445
Squares Across The Border  British ColumbiaCanada   ID: 174
Stanford Quads  California   ID: 162
Star Promenaders Makkleeberg  SachsenGermany   ID: 1999
Star Righters  Indiana   ID: 1200
Star Shooters  Washington   ID: 1914
Staufen Knights e.V.  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 117
Stuttgart Strutters SDC  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 889
Stuttgarter Rebläuse Square Dance Club e.V.  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 184
Sundown Dancers  California   ID: 199
Sunflower Squares  Colorado   ID: 221
Sunrise Swingers Erding e.V.  BayernGermany   ID: 1919
Sunset Twirlers  South AustraliaAustralia   ID: 1153
Sunset Twirlers  South AustraliaAustralia   ID: 1154
Sunset Twirlers  South AustraliaAustralia   ID: 1489
Sweet Devils e.V.  HamburgGermany   ID: 922
Swingin' Beavers  Wisconsin   ID: 1407
Swinging 21ers  California   ID: 845
Swinging Pinguins Lübeck e.V.  Schleswig-HolsteinGermany   ID: 22
Swinging Saints  North Carolina   ID: 1817
Swinging Squares  Rhode Island   ID: 1462
Swiss Smiley Dancers  Switzerland   ID: 51
Sylvan Squares  North Carolina   ID: 1461

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T-N-T Rounds  Florida   ID: 1350
Tally Ho's  HamburgGermany   ID: 3
Tam Twirlers  California   ID: 100
Tandem Squares  Kentucky   ID: 515
Teacup Chains  Oklahoma   ID: 804
Tech Squares  Massachusetts   ID: 9
The Bay Waves  OntarioCanada   ID: 287
The Dancing Comets  HamburgGermany   ID: 57
The Diamond  Denmark   ID: 539
The Diggers e.V. Pforzheim - Enzkreis  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 80
The Hurly-Burly Magixs  BayernGermany   ID: 1258
The Lumberjacks e.V  BayernGermany   ID: 968
The Monadnock Squares  New Hampshire   ID: 1130
the quick kangaroos SDC Bad Fredeburg e.V.  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 2008
The Rebels  New Hampshire   ID: 2060
The Smiling Trailers SDC  BayernGermany   ID: 1394
The Spinners  Washington   ID: 884
The Wilde Bunch  New Mexico   ID: 84
The WorkShoppers  Austria   ID: 1970
The Wranglers  California   ID: 1093
Thunderbirds  California   ID: 382
Thunderbirds  California   ID: 1343
Thunderhill Dancers SDC e.V.  Rheinland-PfalzGermany   ID: 2018
Tilehurst Square Dance Club  EnglandUnited Kingdom   ID: 246
Times Squares  New York   ID: 844
Toelzer Twirlers  BayernGermany   ID: 1326
Top Cats  California   ID: 546
Town Howlers  Rhode Island   ID: 35
Town Twirlers  Nebraska   ID: 556
Trail Blazers  Missouri   ID: 1937
Trail Dusters  California   ID: 252
Triangle Squares  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 90
Triangle Squares  Nordrhein-WestfalenGermany   ID: 91
Triangle Squares  OntarioCanada   ID: 1201
Trick Trackers  Missouri   ID: 833
Twain Harte Twirlers  California   ID: 18
Twin City Squares  Wisconsin   ID: 1884
Twirlers  California   ID: 991

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Uniting Squares  QueenslandAustralia   ID: 677
UpBeat Chaos  QueenslandAustralia   ID: 2087

 V Top of page Bottom of page
Valley Trailers SDC  California   ID: 42
Very Hot Square Dancers e.V.  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 239
Village Squares  Alabama   ID: 294

 W Top of page Bottom of page
Wesburn Wranglers  British ColumbiaCanada   ID: 1546
Western Star Dancers  California   ID: 298
Westernaires  Nebraska   ID: 571
WesternSpirit  Italy   ID: 2012
Westonka Whirlers  Minnesota   ID: 1196
Westport Squares  Wisconsin   ID: 250
Wheel Arounds  Georgia   ID: 757
Wheel Arounds  Alabama   ID: 1059
Whirlaways  California   ID: 1094
Wild Frontier Square Dance Club Inc.  South AustraliaAustralia   ID: 863
Wilde Bunch  New Mexico   ID: 2106
Witches & Wizards SDC  HessenGermany   ID: 452
Wuerzburg Whirlers SDC  BayernGermany   ID: 427

 Y Top of page Bottom of page
Y-Knots  South Dakota   ID: 1992
Yellow Rockers Kiel  Schleswig-HolsteinGermany   ID: 870
Yellow Rose Augsburg  BayernGermany   ID: 769
Yorke Promenaders  South AustraliaAustralia   ID: 1956

 Z Top of page Bottom of page
Zig Zags  Missouri   ID: 1169
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