C3A and C3B Voting
C3 Change Request Letter (2 December 1998)
Dear C3A/C3B Caller or Dancer:

It is time to review the C3A and C3B lists for potential changes. The review process occurs approximately every two or three years. The last update was completed in January, 1996.

The initial phase of this process is to gather information. In the past, only callers were allowed to participate. I believe, however, that both callers and dancers should have some input into the potential changes. The actual voting on the C3A list will be done by C3A-qualified Callerlab members only, since Callerlab is now in charge of C3A. Voting on the C3B list will be done by qualified C3B callers who wish to participate. If you are a C3A or C3B caller and you wish to vote, let me know so I can add your name to my list.

The purpose of this letter is to request potential changes for the C3A and C3B lists. Please inform me which calls should be moved, added, removed, or renamed . If possible, include a reason for each change.

Send potential changes via email to Vic Ceder

or via postal mail to

Vic Ceder
P.O. Box 841
Los Olivos, CA

For your convenience, the current lists can be found at the following URLs:



You should be able to easily print a copy of each list via your Web browser. Please also review these lists for cosmetic changes. Information will be gathered until sometime in January, at which time a C3A ballot will be created and sent to Callerlab for dissemination to C3A callers. After the C3A voting is complete, I will mail out C3B ballots to participating callers.

A copy of the comments, ballots and voting results will be posted on our home page when available.


Thank you for your prompt reply. Sincerely,



Vic Ceder

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