C3A and C3B Voting
C3A Ballot (rough draft)

The following suggestions for changes to the C3A list are from callers and dancers.
These suggestions do not necessarily reflect my personal opinions.
C3A Deletions
  • Patch (anyone)
    • A short, non-useful call that doesn't dance well.
  • Peel Chain Thru
    • Times terribly. The callers had the good sense to drop trail chain thru last time. Now it's time to finish the job!
  • Quick Step | anything
    • Times terribly and is pretty silly. Seems out of place in modern challenge choreography.
  • Rolling Ripple
    • Good grief... name someone (am I a Head Boy? then they mess around for a while). yuck.
    • Two people play Tarzan, swinging through the trees while the others passively provide the vines.
    • I am not a big fan or rolling ripple. Maybe we should drop this.
  • Shove Off
    • Doesn't dance, is part of the old-style choreo that we don't need any more
    • Very difficult to incorporate into anything with even the slightest resemblance to a dance. The best I've ever seen any caller do is to use it after and cross and that usage is only marginal.
  • Slant anything By anything
    • Slant Touch And Wheel is poor. Slant Anything and Anything isn't great. Do we still need these? Maybe we can drop them.
  • Switch Your Leader
    • I think it takes being a tagging call to do Your Leader; switch is NOT a tagging call. History is just wrong, ditch this.
  • Wrap to a formation
    • Dancers can't do this at all and it gets really wearing to have to wait while the caller says it ends in a (whatever)" and the dancers fumble around trying to make that formation.
C3A Additions
  • Cross Extend
    • Definition: From a Single 1/4 Tag, Mini-Wave Box or applicable T-Bone Box. As one movement, Extend and those ending in a Mini-Wave slide nose-to-nose.
  • Cross Follow Thru
    • Definition: From a Single 1/4 Tag, Mini-Wave Box or applicable T-Bone Box. Leaders (in a Box) 1/2 Box Circulate as the Others Cross Extend & Arm Turn 1/4. This is the same as Follow Thru except use the inconvenient hand.
  • Cross Wind The Bobbin
    • Definition: Same as Wind The Bobbin except Leaders Trail Off (1/2 Cross Zoom) instead of Peel Off.
    • Wind the Bobbin should include the (Cross) variation for completeness. If CALLERLAB is going to write down a definition, I suggest not saying "1/2 Zoom" like they did for the recent AQS; say "Peel Off". I don't care about "Criss Cross" one way or the other.
  • Curlique
    • Simplified Definition: From facing dancers of opposite sex (or a R-H Mini-Wave). Boys Touch 1/4 as Girls use the right-hand to touch the Boy's hand and go under to arch to do a Slide Thru & Roll & Roll. Ends in a Couple.
    • I would like to see Curlique and Curli-Cross added to C1 or below. I teach it at A1 and call it regularly to my A1-A2-C1 groups.
    • The calls were dropped because they are easy for the boy but awkward and difficult for the girl. Only one of the six callers on Kathy Godfrey's Unified C4 List uses them. Touch a Quarter & Touch a Quarter & Cross accomplish the same thing, but are simpler, more elegant, and more versatile. Curlique & Curli-Cross are appropriate for a specialized dance team, but not for the average dancer. They should be considered Obsolete C4.
  • Fan Concept
    • Definition: Fan means to omit the first part of the call, which must be an Arm Turn 1/2.
    • Since Finish has been surreptitiously added to C1 it seems that Fan should be moved to C3A or better yet to C2.
  • Finally Concept
    • Definition: Do the last part of the call using the given concept. For example, a Finally Tandem Swing & Mix is (from Parallel Waves) Arm Turn 1/2; Centers Cross Run; Tandem Centers Trade.
    • I'd like to see Finally added to the C3A list. I use it sometimes and I know other callers do as well. The dancers know what it means instinctively. Might as well make it official.
    • Obvious to the dancers what it means. I've heard it used at C3B dances several times already and the dancers just do it.
    • Finally is a natural extension from the existing concept Initially. While it is more difficult for a caller to use when sight calling it is only marginally harder for the dancers and can have some interesting results.
  • Quadruple formation
    • Definition: Quadruple (formation) describes four adjacent formations consisting of phantoms and real dancers. Quadruple (formation) is similar to Triple (formation) except that there are four formations instead of three.
    • Dancers already know triple formations from C2 and split phantom lines and columns are already on this list. So this seems to be a pretty simple addition. In fact, I've heard this a lot at C3A dances already.
    • We should consider adding Quadruple Boxes (and Waves, Lines,Diamonds) to C3B. It is a shame to say Split Phantom Boxes, Bingo when Quadruple Box Bingo would focus the dancers attention on thecorrect dancers better.
  • Reverse Crazy Concept
    • Definition: Centers do the given call; Each side does the call; Centers do the given call; Each side does the call. This is the same as Crazy except the Centers go first.
    • Occasionally used at C3A or C3B.
  • Tag Back and Dodge, Tag Chain Thru and Dodge
    • Definition: (Any Tagging Call) Back and Dodge. Do the tagging call to the 1/2 tag position; Scoot & Dodge.
    • Definition: (Any Tagging Call) Chain Thru and Dodge. Do the tagging call to the 1/2 tag position; Leaders Dodge as Trailers Scoot Chain Thru.
  • Track n
    • Definition: From Completed Double Pass Thru. Tandem Trade (this is Track 0); Extend to the given fractional tag position where 1 = 1/4 Tag, 2 = 1/2 Tag, 3 = 3/4 Tag, and 4 = Full Tag.
    • I would like to see Track added to some list. I teach it at C1. I use the "Tandem Trade, Extend " definition that the original author (Dick Bayer) used.
  • Transaction
    • Definition: From Columns. Transfer And Cast Off 3/4; Chain Reaction.
    • This would give us another call that has several beats. It builds on things that the dancers already know and could be taught with only a minimal amount of effort.
  • Twisted Concept
    • Definition: Dancers doing a Pass Thru or Pull By movement for the very first part of the call turn 1/4 while doing the Pass Thru or Pull By movement. This is often equivalent to doing a Single Circle 1/4 (to face) then complete the call.
    • I would like to see Twisted Concept added to C3A or C3B.
    • I can buy most of the suggestions but don't think we should bother with the Twisted Concept, while I agree its a nice danceable idea and do like it. I got turned off to it when as soon as I called " Twisted ... any call" as soon as you said it they did the single circle bit and then just did the call. It's not danced...
  • "Uncomplicated" Twosomes
    • How about introducing uncomplicated twosomes at the C3A level? Many once- removed calls would be easier to learn if people knew simple Twosomes.
C3A Modifications
  • Once Removed Diamonds
    • This is on C3A while once removed is on C2. Thus, in principle, one could call once removed, flip the diamond at C2, but couldn't use the phrasing once removed diamonds,flip the diamond until C3A. This seems pretty ridiculous. I believe the correct course of action here is to move all of once removed from C2 to C3A. C2 has too much conceptual difficulty as it is and once removed is probably too hard for C2 dancers anyway.Moving once removed would go a long way towards evening out the difficulty in these 2 levels.
  • Split Checkmate
    • Maybe the time has come to rename Split Checkmate to Single Checkmate and list it under the Single calls.
  • Triple Columns
    • I want Triple Columns listed somewhere. Perhaps C3A?
  • Triple Diamonds
    • Triple formations is currently spread over 3 levels culminating in triple diamonds (which I presume also means triple quarter tags) at C3A. Why not just change the C2 list to read triple formations? This change is even in accord with the callerlab rule that if something is introduced in a limited way at one level, the limitations are removed at the next.
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