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AACE Recordings for Sale
Recordings of the Academy for 2003 thru 2016 are now on sale.

Recordings may be ordered from Keith and Alice Rubow at the following addresses:

Keith's Home Page

All levels of the 2004 thru 2016 conventions are available.
The 2003 convention has most tips available but some Advanced tips are missing.

  • Copying:

    Please do NOT make and distribute copies of this material. Copyright issues aside, proceeds go to help support future AACE dances. This material is being made available to the square dance community at a very reasonable price. Please purchase legitimate copies for your tape groups, and help support future AACE dances!
  • Ordering:

    AACE 2016 Recordings

    Advanced and Challenge Square Dance Recordings (Main Page)

  • Questions and Answers:

    Can I really order any tips I want? Can I select the sessions, callers, etc.?
    Yes! Since all master recordings were done digitally on computer, I can easily select the tips to copy. Cassette tapes are recorded directly off the computer. Copying MP3 files is even easier.

    Why are the MP3 files so much cheaper than the cassette tapes?
    Because the media (blank CD's) is so incredibly cheap (the postage costs more than the CD). Burning MP3 files onto a CD is also MUCH faster than recording cassette tapes.

    How many MP3 files will fit on one CD?
    About 300, more or less (compared to 8 tips on a cassette). The entire AACE weekend (all levels) fits easily on 2 CD's with room to spare.

    Why aren't all the California (AACE 2003) A2 tips available?
    Because I had only 5 computers for recording, and there were 6 halls. I couldn't record A2 while C4 was in session. And I didn't always have time to move the computer between the halls. But I am getting more computers for future dances.

    What about minidisc (MD) media? Why isn't it available?
    If there is enough demand, I will purchase an MD recorder and make MD's available. I just don't have one right now.
19-April-2019 08:47:33
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