Don't Rock The Jukebox    (1991)

Don't rock the jukebox
I wanta hear some Jones
Cause my heart ain't ready
For the Rollin' Stones
I don't feel like rockin'
Since my baby's gone
So don't rock the jukebox
Play me a country song

Before you drop that quarter
Keep one thing in mind
You got a heart broke hillbilly
Standin' here in line
I've been down and lonely
Ever since she left
Before you punch that number
Could I make one request


I ain't got nothing
Against rock 'n' roll
But when your heart's been broken
You need a song that's slow
There ain't nothin' like a steel guitar
To drown a memory
Before you spend your money
Play a song for me


I wanna hear George Jones

Lyrics by Alan Jackson, Roger Murrah, Keith Stegall.
Recorded by Alan Jackson.

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