Smoke On The Water    (1943)

There will be a sad day comin'
For the foes of all mankind
They must answer to the people
And it's troubling their mind
Everbody who must fear them
Will rejoice on that great day
When the powers of dictators
Shall be taken all away

There'll be smoke on the water
On the land and the sea
When our army and navy overtake the enemy
There'll be smoke on the mountain
Where the heathen gods stay
And the sun that is shinin'
Will go down on that day

Hirohito 'long with Hitler
Will be ridin' on a rail
Mussolini'll beg for mercy
As a leader he has failed
There's be no time for pity
When the screamin' eagle flies
That will be the end of Axis
They must answer with their lives

Lyrics by Earl Nunn and Zeke Clements.
Recorded by Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan.

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