Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet    (1929)

On an old farm house veranda there sat Silas and Miranda
Dreamin' of the days gone by
He said deary don't be weary you're always bright and cheery
Now a tear did dim your eye
She said they're not tears of sadness, Silas
They are tears of gladness
It was fifty years ago the day we wed
Then the old man's dim eyes brighten and his old heart it lightens
As he turned to her and said
Put on your old grey bonnet with all the blue ribbons on it
While I hitch old dobbin' to the shay
Through those fields of clover you'll ride up to Dover on our golden wedding day
Put on your old grey bonnet...
Put on your old grey bonnet...
On our golden wedding day

Lyrics by Perci Wenrich and Stanley Murphy.
Recorded by Pee Wee Hunt (1931); Eddie Tompkins (1937).

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