Bye Bye Blues    (1930)

We're say-in'

Bye Bye Blues, Bye Bye Blues
Bells ring, birds sing,
Sun is shin-in', no more pin-in'.

Just we two, Smil-in' through
Don't sigh, don't cry
Bye Bye Blues

(counterpoint): Bye Bye to all your Blues and sorrow,
(lead): Bye Bye Blues

(counterpoint): Bye Bye 'cause they'll be gone to-mor-row.
(lead): Bye Bye Blues

(counterpoint): Bells will ring and birds all sing
(lead): Bells ring, birds sing

(Both:) Stop your mop-in', Keep on hop-in'

The two of us together, just me and you
will keep smil-in' smil-in' through
So don't you sigh, and don't you cry
Bye Bye Blues

Lyrics by Fred Hamm, Dave Bennett, Bert Lown and Chauncey Gray.
Recorded by Cab Calloway; Les Paul and Mary Ford; many others.
Theme song of the orchestra led by Bert Lown


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