Kentucky Turkey Buzzard    (1964)

Kentucky turkey buzzard on a camp meeting tent
Sunning himself in the air
Looked down at the ground and gave himself a scratch
Said nothing's going on down there

The seats are empty and the organ don't play
The people's gone swimming at the sea
The preacher's got an old camp meeting goin'
And there ain't nobody here but me

The preacher paid no mind to the empty seats
He preached like a thousand was there
The buzzard told the devil do you hear what I hear?
I believe that's a lot of hot air

Kentucky turkey buzzard said I know the folks well
They're having too much fun at the sea
Keep on talking to the empty seats
Cause there ain't nobody here but me

The preacher looked up and he preached so loud
That it caused a mighty thunder in the sky
The rain started falling and the people started running
To the only place that was dry

The organ started playing and then they started singing
There was nobody left at the sea
Kentucky turkey buzzard took to the sky
Said too much is going on for me

Too much is going on for me

Lyrics by Merle Kilgore.
Composed by Tillman Franks.
Recorded by Burl Ives.

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