If You Want Me    (1977)

If you think I'm gonna just bide my time
Held by the tie that binds while you're running free
If you think I don't know, if you think it doesn't show
Well, you'd better think again, if you want me

Baby, I don't care for love if I have to share
With somebody else somewhere you're running to see
I don't want part of you, I want all the heart of you
That's the way it's got to be if you want me

And so it's up to you just where we're going
It's either all the way or not at all
Cause I can't give myself completely knowing
That someone else is answering when you feel the need to call

And so my friend, we can just let it end
Or go back and start again, what's it gonna be?
Remember what I say, it's got to be all the way
There can't be no in-between if you want me

There can't be no in-between if you want me

Lyrics by Bill Justis and Ben Peters.
Recorded by Billie Jo Spears.

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