Return To Harper Valley    (1984)

Y'all remember Harper Valley and the Harper Valley PTA
Well, have you ever wondered where they are and what those folks are doin' today?
Now, things have changed a lot, but we all seem to understand things better by and by
Now, my daughter is the mother of two children at the Harper Valley High

Well, my daughter came to see me, she was sellin' tickets for the high school dance
I could win a brand new album by the Stray Cats if I'd only buy a chance
Well, I bought the tickets and the chance to win a brand new rock 'n' roll LP
And when Friday came, I walked into the place my dress was well below my knees

Now, Mr. Harper took my ticket and he smiled at me as sober as a judge
Shirley Thompson, she was there with him, she shook my hand and then gave me a hug
Ya know, they're married now, and my, they look so happy and contented side by side
And to my surprise, Bobby Taylor never took his eyes off of his wife

Mr. Baker stirred the punch, it was lemonade with nothin' on the side
His secretary smiled at me and said she was so happy as his bride
Widow Jones is dead, she and a young kid missed a curve on Lover's Lane
Mr. Kelley's gone, he drank until they said it took his liver and his brain

Now, the music started up and it was louder than a thunderstorm in May
And I stood there and I laughed to see the way the kids all get their kicks today
Then I saw a man who gave a cigarette to some small kid too young to smoke
He was a full-grown man and he was set up in the parkin' lot sellin' dope

Well, I walked around the place and saw the drummer sniffin' powder up his nose
Then I walked out through the parkin' lot and saw these kids were takin' off their clothes
They were drinkin' beer and poppin' pills and actin' like they all were havin' fun
I got so mad, I thought at first I'd go back to the house and get a gun

But I went back to my home and took my Bible out and said a little prayer
Now, tomorrow, I can tell 'em that God loves 'em and I'll tell 'em that I care
I think back fifteen years ago when I was wild and wore a mini skirt
Ain't no way I can explain the things I did and all the people that I hurt

Now, the music keeps on ringin' in my ears and I can hear the drummer's beat
I can see the way things are and I can see the things the kids are thinkin' need
Well, tomorrow afternoon, the PTA'll meet and I got things to say
To a brand new generation of the Harper Valley PTA
To a brand new generation of the Harper Valley PTA

Lyrics by Jeannie C. Riley.
Composed by Tom T. Hall.
Recorded by Jeannie C. Riley.

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