Cajun Moon    (1986)

The moon is full and my heart is high
I love to dance, oh me oh my
Gonna have more fun than a tree and a coon
Tonight's the dance of the Cajun moon

Pickups and wagons 'round the railroad shack
Bonfires are drawin' in a crowd out back
Step through the door and I see my Cheri
That's when I feel her mama's eyes on me

Cajun moon, nugget of gold, river of light on the bayou
You're just like rain to a love in bloom, so
Shine on me, oh Cajun moon

Guitar, a squeeze box, a fiddle and bow
Little band a-playin' every song they know
Ol' woman sittin' there and yellin' for more
My heart is willin' but my feet, they're so sore!


Once more we're waltzin' to Jolie Blonde
I lean in closer and Cheri responds
Her mama's smilin' as we slip from the room
To sit and stare at the Cajun moon

(chorus x2)

Lyrics by Jim Rushing.
Recorded by Ricky Skaggs.

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