Friday Night In America    (1989)

Mama get your shoes on
And Daddy get you hat
The workin' week is over
So let's just leave it at that
We talk about it on the telephone
Makin' plans to meet
Something's gonna happen
Tonight between the full moon and the streets
Get outta your seat

It's Friday night, Friday night in America
Oh, Friday night, Friday night in America
Hit the lights
Hold on tight
It's Friday night, y'all
In America

And everybody in the neighborhood
They're on their way downtown
One up top and dressed to kill
Ready to hit the ground
They come to rumble
And they come to dance
They come to see the show
And if they can't find what they're lookin' for
They know somebody, who knows somebody, who'll know
Yeah, gotta be on your toes

It's Friday night, Friday night in America
It's all right, Friday night in America
Well you could lose your heart
Lose you life
It's Friday night, y'all

Debutantes in a restaurant
Gunshots in the parking lot
Sweet dreams on the silver screen
You better turn up the heat in the back seat
Soul savers (flag wavers)
Street walkers (sweet talkers)
You make it through the weekend
You come back and do it again
Next Friday night

Lookin' through your headlights
Hand upon the wheel
Your heart's beatin' like a radio
In your soul of stainless steel
She's standin' on the corner
Dressed in midnight blue
Ticking like a time bomb
When she turns her eyes on you
(What'cha gonna do?)

It's Friday night, Friday night in America
Oh, night, Friday night in America
Got to be strong to make it
All night long on Friday night
Friday night in America
Friday night in America
Hit the lights and hold on tight
You can bet your life it's Friday night, y'all

In America, Friday night
All right, all night in America, Friday night
Till the dawn's early light in America, Friday night
In America, Friday night

Lyrics by Pat Flynn and Russell Smith.
Recorded by New Grass Revival.

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