Coney Island Washboard    (1926)

Down by the beach there's the cutest little peach
And I must say she has the cutest way
Playing a chord upon her washboard
Folks would gather 'round from everywhere in town
Just to hear that sound! On a...

Coney Island washboard she would play,
You could hear her on the boardwalk every day
Soapsuds all around, bubbles on the ground
Rub a dub a dub in her little tub all those tunes she found
Thimbles on her fingers made a noise
She played Charleston on the laundry for the boys
She could rag a tune right through the knees
Of a brand new pair of BVDs,
Coney Island Washboard roundelay

Lyrics by Ned Nestor, Claude Shugart, Hampton Durand, Jerry Adams.
Recorded by Hoagy Carmichael; Firehouse Five Plus Two; Mills Brothers; many others.


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