Broad Minded Man    (1973)

I've been a rascal from the day I was born
And oh what a good life I've had
I've got more memories than leaves on the trees
And I owe it all to my dad

My daddy was a broad minded man
He had 'em on his mind all the time
I want to be like Dad in every way I can
I try to be a broad minded man

I've lived in haste attempting to taste
Every drop of life's sweet wine
So if there's anything you can name I ain't done
It's because I haven't had the time

I've got a woman who don't understand
She calls my life a shame
And throws up a howl every time I'm on the prowl
And I'm sure my mama did the same


I hope there ain't a girl anywhere in this world
Who's been hurt by something that I've done
If I've caused a tear to fall, then I'm sorry for it all
Cause I swear it was all done in fun


I try to be a broad minded man

Lyrics by Jim Owen.
Recorded by Jim Ed Brown and the Browns.

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