Jole' Blon    (1928)

In the evening, in the shadows,
I'll be waiting, in Louisiana,
And when I hear your sweet voice,
I'll rejoice, I'll be happy,
And saving my kisses for you.

Jole Blon, Cajun Angel,
Let me tell you how I love you,
In the springtime you promised,
That we would be married,
And I'm waiting, still waiting for you.

Oh - - ho - - ho, ah - - ha - - ha.

When your hair turns to silver,
I'll still call you, Delta Flower,
Pretty blond I still love you,
I love you I promise,
And I'm patiently waiting for you.

Oh - - ho - - ho, ah - - ha - - ha.

Lyrics by Harry Choates (1946).
Recorded by Breaux Brothers; Harry Choates.
The earliest version of this song, called "Ma Blonde est partie,"
appeared on record in 1928 by the Breaux brothers, Amédé,
Ophé, and Cléopha, in-laws of Joe Falcon.

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