Sweet Clover Rag
Art Mooney (1948) 1927
  (Lore 1002)   Max Engle


Walk all around your corner, see saw your partner
Gents star right one time
Turn your partner left and the girls star right
3/4, allemande with all your might
Grand right & left around that old ring
Dosado that girl when you meet, promenade
Promenade her over, swing her like a rover
Swing that sweet clover girl

FIGURE    Mainstream, no progression

Head two couples promenade, go halfway with your maid
Pass thru but u-turn back and swing the opposite girl
Face those sides, a right & left thru, turn a little girl and then
Dive thru, pass thru, left allemande
Well dosado your partner, swing that corner
Swing, swing, swing and promeande
For I'm looking over that sweet, sweet clover
That I overlooked before

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