April In Portugal   (Scope 612)   Bill Donahue
OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Basic, R-H lady progression

Allemande left, ladies star, gentlemen promenade
Allemande left, gentlemen star, ladies promenade
Allemande left, go forward two, go right and left
Turn back one do a wrong way grand
I found my April dreams in Portugal with you
Let's dosado then swing and promenade by two's
My head was in the clouds, my heart went crazy too
And madly I said, I love you


Heads (sides) move into the middle, come back and square thru
And on the third hand let's touch 1/4 do
Girls turn back with a dosado go full around the floor
Centers pass thru and touch 1/4 more
The men turn thru, the girls turn back
Swing that corner maid
Allemande left new corner, come back and promenade
We discovered romance as we danced around the hall
As we danced to Portugal


As we danced to Portugal

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