Wait For The Light To Shine
Roy Acuff; Hank Williams, Jr.; Connie Smith; others 1944
  (Quadrille 877)   Lee Main, Ken Burke, Richard Lane


Four little ladies promenade go walkin' round the ring
Get back and give that man a swing
Join up hands and circle go rollin' right along
Left allemande, weave the ring
Wait for the light to shine, shine, shine
Swing the girl and promenade
Don't forsake your brother as he walks the narrow line
Wait for the light to shine

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads promenade, travel halfway around the ring
Lead right and do a dosado
Swing thru tonight, boys run right
Bend the line and do the right and left thru
Slide thru and square thru 3 hands around that ring
Swing that corner, promenade
*Pull yourself together, keep on lookin' for a sign
Wait for the light to shine


Wait for the light to shine


*Don't let troubles fool you and your sins will all be gone

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