Old Black Magic
Ella Fitzgerald 1937
  (Hi Hat 339)   Bill Peterson


Now all circle left, there's magic tonight
You allemande left, turn your partner by the right
Four ladies promenade, inside that old land
Box the gnat and go right & left grand
Those icy fingers up and down that line
Dosado, go full around in time
Promenade the set, you will sure to get
That old black magic called love

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

The heads promenade halfway round the floor
The sides star thru, pass thru, circle four
Make a line, go forward and then you back away
A right & left thru, turn and pass thru, I say
Now wheel & deal, centers square thru 3 hands
Swing the corner lady and the left allemande
Promenade along, help me sing this song
That old black magic called love

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