Moe Bandy 1988
  (ESP 152)   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Head ladies center teacup chain
*I've traveled all around this country
In my time I thought I'd seen it all
But today I took a detour down a back road
Through a little town whose name I can't recall

Circle to the left
Left allemande, then you swing and promenade
Americana, I'll keep holding to the dream

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads couples promenade you go halfway
Side pair do the right & left thru
Square thru to four go rollin' round the floor
Touch 1/4, then you scoot back
Boy run and all pass thru, tag the line
Leads turn back and you swing and promenade
Overcome with the feeling, I knew I was seeing
America all over again


*I knew the stop would throw me off my schedule
But I parked in behind the five and dime
Then it hit me like a freight train
Just a stone's throw from the fast lane
America is still safe and sound

*There were old men on benches playing checkers
Children playing hopscotch on the square
High above a statue of an unknown soldier
Old glory was still waving in the air

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