Roses And Thorns
Jeannie C. Riley 1971
  (Big Mac 129)   Mac McCullar


Sides face grand square (or teacup chain) (or teacup stroll)
Once there was spring and the flowers were gentle and sweet
I inhaled the goodness of love and my life was complete

Left allemande and weave the ring
I reached for the rose and its petals were brushed by my touch
Dosado and promenade
I hurt your heart and the thorns are now hurting too much

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads (sides) square thru four hands around to the corner one, dosado
Swing thru go two by two, boys run to the right
Wheel & deal and do a right & left thru
Dive thru (or pass to the center) and square thru 3/4 around you go
Swing the corner lady, promenade, oh yes
Instead of the roses
There still remains the thorns

CLOSER    Plus

Head ladies center, teacup chain
Roses and thorns, so close together they grow
There's madness and sadness, emotions that everyone knows

Left allemande and weave the ring
When there is one the other can't be far behind
Dosado, promenade
I held the roses and the stems with the thorns are all mine

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