Ain't Living Long Like This
Emmylou Harris; Waylon Jennings 1978
  (Big Mac 10)   Jay Henderson


Circle left
*I looked for trouble and I found it, son
Straight down the barrel of a lawman's gun

Left allemande, do a dosado
Left allemande, weave the ring you go
Ain't livin' long like this
Dosado, promenade with your miss
Ain't livin' long like this
Am I baby


*He slipped the handcuffs on behind my back
Then left me lying on a cold steel rack

*You heard the story how the wheel goes round
Don't let 'em take you to that man downtown

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Four ladies chain 3/4 around you go
1 & 3 promenade halfway around you know
2 & 4 curlique, then boys run right
Split two, around just one, make a line of four tonight
All 8 box the gnat and then you square thru 4
Swing corner lady, promenade the floor
Ain't livin' long like this
Am I baby


Am I baby

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