Dixie Train
Carl Jackson 1985
  (Chaparral 318)   Gary Shoemake

OPENER    Basic

Four ladies promenade one time round you know
Get back home and swing that handsome man and here we go
Join all your hands and circle to the left and then
Do an allemande left that corner and weave around the ring
On the Dixie train
Dosado that girl and promenade
Let that hammer down, let's head for Alabam'
On the Dixie train

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Head two couples square thru 4 hands around you go
Find that corner lady dosado you know
Swing thru without a stop you spin the top
Now walk right up and do the right & left thru and turn 'em
Square thru count them 3,
Swing that corner girl and promenade
Keep pouring on the coal, let them big wheels roll
On the Dixie train


Sides face, grand square
Keep them big wheels rollin
Don't stop until we get to Tuscaloosa
Cause I've got a bad case of missing my sweet baby blues

Four ladies promenade one time round you go
Get back home and swing that girl then you promenade
On the Dixie train
Move on down the line


On the Dixie train move on down the line

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