Robert E. Lee
Al Jolson; Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland; Dean Martin; many others 1913
  (J-Bar-L 5007)   Joe Lewis


Heads go right & left thru
Sides a dosado for you
Right hand star like a paddle wheel
Kicking up a spray
Be sure to turn it once around
Reverse the other way
Full around come out
Right & left thru
Dive thru, pass thru
Swing a girl that's new
Keep this little maiden
Do some promenading
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee


Head couples star thru
Then right & left thru
Turn them and then you
Pass thru and split two
Make a line, move it up and back again
Box the gnat across the land
Right (pull by) & left allemande
Grand right & left and
You'll meet your pet and
Do a little dosado-ing
Then it's home you're going
Great fun my
Honey-bun a
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee


body (heads), mixer (heads), body (heads), mixer (sides), body (sides), mixer (either), body (sides)

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