It's You I Love / Hash Happy
Fats Domino 1957
  (MacGregor 8343 side A)   Jerry Helt


Four little ladies chain straight across the ring
Chain 'em home, turn your own a left hand swing
All around your corner, see saw round your taw
Gents star right once around the hall
Allemande left your corner, weave the ring you know
In and out around until you meet your beau
Promenade your own like old folks used to do
Come here, swing me, it's you I love


Head couples promenade halfway round the square
Go to the right, right & left thru that couple there
All join hands, circle eight watch 'em smile
Reverse now in single file
Four little ladies backtrack go round the set
Pass 'em once, pass twice, promenade the next
Promenade this girl when you feel blue
Come here, swing me, it's you I love

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