Leaving Louisiana
Emmylou Harris; The Oak Ridge Boys 1979
  (Rainbow 401)   Gary Weston


Circle left
*Mary took to runnin with a travelin' man
Left her mama cryin' with her head in her hand
Such a sad case, so brokenhearted

Allemande left and allemande thar, forward two and make that star
Men back in, right hand around there
Shoot that star full turn, right to the partner, pull on by
Allemande left with the corner one, come back one promenade you run
Round and round, nobody knows
But the highway rolls on forever


*Daughter, let me tell you about the travelin' kind
Everywhere he's goin' such a very short time
He'll be long gone before you know it

*Down in the swampland anything goes
It's alligator bait and the bars don't close
It's a real thing down Louisiana

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

1 & 3 (2 & 4) promenade halfway round there with your maid
Come down the middle, curlique there, walk & dodge
Swing thru two by two, boys run to the right you do
Bend the line, right & left thru there
Flutter wheel full around you go, sweep 1/4 more you know
Pass thru and swing the girl once around, promenade that world
Never have I done it when it looked so right
Leavin' Louisiana in the broad daylight


That ole highway rolls on forever

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