Forest Lawn   (Brahma 202)   Gil T. Crosby

Circle left
*Lay me down in Forest Lawn in a silver casket
Put golden flowers over my head in a silver basket

Do an allemande left and then curlique my friend
Boys run, allemande left, now weave around the ring
I want to go simply when I go
Swing with your own and promenade
**With a casket lined in fleece and fireworks spelling out "Rest in Peace"
Take me when I'm gone to Forest Lawn


*Lay me down in Forest Lawn, they understand there
They have a heavenly caller and a square dance band there

**I'll sleep beneath the flowers with piped in tapes of Kenny Bower

FIGURE    Mainstream, R-H lady progression

Head couples square thru four hands now
Round that corner dosado now
Spin chain thru and girls circulate two times
Boys are working down the middle, now you turn thru
Allemande left the corner, walk by one
Swing the right hand lady, promenade
I'll rest in peace you know, with piped in tapes of Marshall Flippo
Take me when I'm gone to Forest Lawn

MIDDLE BREAK    Mainstream

Sides face, grand square
To find a simple resting place is my desire
To lay me down with a smiling face comes a little bit higher
My likeness done in brass will stand in plastic grass
And weights and hidden springs will tip its hat to the mourners filing past

Allemande left the corner, dosado
Do an allemande left the corner, promenade
With a hundred strolling strings and chorus girls in golden wings
Take me when I'm gone to Forest Lawn

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