Devil Woman   (Elite (new) 1036)   Davey Nakamori

Circle left
I told Mary about us, I told her about our great sin
Allemande left, dosado, allemande left and weave
Oh, devil woman, devil woman let go of me
Devil woman let me be
Leave me alone, I wanna go home

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads square thru four hands you know
All the way, and dosado, swing thru and then boy run right
Half tag and then single hinge
Boy trade, swing thru and then scoot back
Swing your corner promenade
But I don't wanna be and I don't wanna see Mary cry anymore


* Mary's waitin' and weepin', down at our shack at sea

**Cause I don't wanna stay, I wanna get away, woman let go of my arms

* Devil woman you're evil, like the dark coral reef

** Skies are not so black, Mary took me back, Mary has broken your spell

**Down the beach I see, what belongs to me, the one I want most of all

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